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It's Live!

Dangerous Silence is LIVE!!!!!

Mike O’Connor’s reputation earned him the name Mr. Homerun, but after two hours with Billie, he’s ready to change all that. There’s one problem. She disappears before he can find out her last name. Billie Carter had little choice but to leave when she received a desperate text from her friend. Peggy and her daughter have no family, both are deaf, and Billie wants to protect them from an abusive man. When Peggy is brutally murdered, Billie is determined to protect Chloe. Like a dream come true, Mike walks through her door to help. They soon learn that the little girl is not the only one in danger, and it may take more than Mike to keep them safe.

Get your copy now!!! available on All Platforms! 😍 Amazon USA Amazon Canada Amazon UK iBooks KOBO

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