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Cover Reveal

Well hello, Rhonda’s Romantics. Today is reveal day and I hope you’re as excited to see the cover for Book 2 of the O’Connor Brother Series, Dangerous Abduction, as I am to show it. First, HUGE thanks to Zoe York for designing the cover for me. Second I’d like to thank all the wonderful people who have been supporting me. So here it is…… The cover for DANGEROUS ABDUCTION as well as the blurb.

Widower James O'Connor has been fighting his growing attraction to his Brother's sister-in-law

for four long years, but when someone breaks into her home destroying everything she owns, James

takes her and her young son into his home. When it's revealed the break in wasn’t random and Marina and her son are in danger, James swears to protect them but can he keep them safe?

Marina Kelly has dedicated her life to caring for her sweet little boy, Danny. She’s sworn off relationships since she broke free from her abusive husband. So when a certain James O'Connor keeps entering her thoughts and her dreams, it takes everything she has to keep her feelings hidden, but with her sister and parents out of the province and danger possibly around the corner, Marina has no choice but to accept James’s help while trying to hide her attraction and growing feelings.

When they realize their attraction to each is impossible to resist they go with it. Only her ex's family secret may tear it all apart. Can Marina and James unravel the families hidden mystery without losing each other?

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