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Brent ‘Crash’ Adams, a former Ghost team member, was medically discharged from the army. For a few years, he struggled with civilian life, but he turned it around. There are two things Crash still wants: to finish the renovations on his house and Allyson. Only one of them seems possible. Allyson keeps him in the friend zone, and he has no idea why.

Allyson Sullivan can’t allow her feelings for Crash to surface. He wants things she can’t give him, but the thought of him starting a family with someone else makes it hard to breathe. When tragedy hits close to him, he’s left the responsibility of two precious lives, and Allyson steps in to help.

During a moment of weakness, she reveals the one thing keeping them apart, only to find out she never needed to worry about it. As they journey into a new relationship, Crash discovers someone has killed off most of his former team, and Crash could be next. He sees a future with her, but his past could kill them both.

Risky Extraction (Book 4 of NES Series)

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Romantic Suspense | Romance Author Rhonda Brewer

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