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Hidden Target

O'Connor Girls Book 4

Pam Nightingale has no idea why someone would want to abduct her and hold her hostage. She’s not a woman who sits back and let anyone keep her away from the people she loves. When she escapes, she’s tangled in a web of secrets which brings her back straight into the arms of the man she loves.

Damon Blackwood doesn’t need to be asked twice to return to Newfoundland when the woman who owns his heart vanishes. To his relief, she escapes and returns home safe and sound. Damon isn’t about to lose her again.

Someone craves revenge, but to unravel why, buried family secrets are exposed. Damon, Pam, and their families work together to flush out the person who's dropping bodies all around them.

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Romantic Suspense | Romance Author Rhonda Brewer

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