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Hidden Menace

O'Connor Girls Book 3

Isabelle O’Connor works hard to make her restaurant one of the best in the province. After she hires Roman Young, she struggles to keep her growing attraction for him in check. She fails miserably when, after a particularly crazy night, she breaks her own rule and sleeps with the sexy chef.

Roman Young falls fast and hard for his beautiful boss. He's thrilled when she finally surrenders to the chemistry between them. One night is enough to convince him they could be so much more, but breaking down Isabelle's walls is going to take more than just great sex.

The least of Isabelle’s worries is anyone finding out she and Roman have crossed that line. After a series of mysterious events, Roman believes it’s more than bad luck. When a body turns up in Isabelle's kitchen, he’s convinced. Someone wants to destroy Isabelle, but why? Is it greed, or is there another sinister reason?

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Romantic Suspense | Romance Author Rhonda Brewer

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