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Dangerous Secrets

O'Connor Brothers Book 3

Ian O'Connor has everything going for him. He's got the O'Connor drop-dead good looks, an incredible body, and to top it off he's a doctor. Why wouldn't anyone want the man but none of that was the reason Sandy Churchill was head over heels in love with the man.

After he stood her up for their first official date, she was wary of taking another chance. When she ends up in the hospital because she turned her back on a criminal determined to get away from her, Ian admits he loves her and wants another chance. A secret from his past throws Sandy into a tailspin, but she has a secret that she's hiding from everyone.

Ian's on cloud nine when he finally takes a leap of faith and tells the woman he's loved for four years how he feels and wants a chance to make up for his screw-up. They have two weeks of bliss, but murder and secrets come back to haunt him. Sandy's reaction tells him there's another reason why she's avoiding him. She's hiding something, but he has no idea what and to make matters worse there's danger coming from her past that could hurt the people he loves the most.


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Romantic Suspense | Romance Author Rhonda Brewer

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